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Local Liability Company or Representative Office?

Since 2009 Kamerir collects the questions that are related to the Business set up in Almaty (Kazakhstan). The most frequently asked questions are below:

What is better – Local Liability Company or Representative Office?

Local Liability Company Advantages:

  • Responsibility limited by the amount of the share capital,
  • LLC is a Kazakhstan Resident, no additional currency control by the bank,
  • LLC in the form of the small business that can use Special tax regime.

Representative office actually has 2 forms of the registration:

  • Representative office itself that can carry out just representative functions,
  • Subsidiary, that can carry out the commercial activity.

Representative Office advantages:

  • Director can be a foreign citizen without obligation to obtain a work permission;
  • Easy to get the financial support from the Mother company.

What is the taxation in Kazakhstan?

Basic tax rates in Kazakhstan are:

  • Corporate income tax (CIT) – 20%;
  • Value added tax (VAT) – 12%;
  • Individual Income tax (citizens) – 10%;
  • Social Tax (ST) – 11%;
  • Pension Fund Contributions (PFC) – 10%;
  • Social Security Contributions (SCC) – 5%;
  • Property Tax (PT) – 1,5% from the carrying value.

What does Special Tax regime means?

It means No CIT on the income and no Social tax on the salary, only (1,5% CIT + 1,5% ST) on the profit.

Also Property Tax – 0,5% on the carrying value.

There are some criteria and we will let you know during the meeting.

Basic list of the documents (Company registration)

  • Decision on the incorporation notarized;
  • Legalized extract from the trade register;
  • Office Rent agreement;
  • Power of Attorney;
  • Individual Registration Number for Shareholder and Director;
  • Passport of the shareholder and director translated to Russian and Kazakh languages, notarized.

Demand for registration

Documents you’ll get after LLC registration

  • LLC Charter;
  • Memorandum of association;
  • Minutes of the shareholders meeting;
  • Certificate of the state registration.

Registration procedure

  • Filling in the application form and agreement (criteria definition);
  • Advance payment of a registration fee;
  • Documents preparation together with the Client;
  • Documents submission;
  • Transmission/Handing of the documents to the Client.

Additional Services

  • Opening of the bank account;
  • Changing in the amount of the share capital;
  • Changing the shareholders;
  • Changing the director;
  • Changing the Legal address;
  • Special tax regime submission;
  • Stamps provision;
  • Cash register registration;
  • Legal address provision;
  • VAT documents preparation.

Kamerir company advantages

  • More than 800 registered companies and Representative offices;
  • International experience;
  • Data safety system;
  • High quality accounting services.





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